Award Winning Architecture and Design

ThinkHouse from Rich Sullivan on Vimeo.

Eric Thompson Design is an award winning, multidisciplinary practice specializing in unique and evocative designs that respond to client's ideas with something special and delightful.

Our work is focused on design excellence and human experience. We aim for a holistic integration of practical concerns and experiential beauty. Beyond these general principles we have 2 specific principles that we are passionate about:

1.  The most powerful architectural ideas come from careful listening and discussion with our clients, leading to often unexpected and delightful outcomes and new ideas.

2.  We are passionate about the relationship between environmental sustainability and design. We seek to design structures that not only reduce harm to the environment in concrete, pragmatic ways but also enhance the human experience of the natural world and reflect that experience and those influences. We apply careful research and innovation, leading to innovative and poetic solutions emphasizing people's relationship to our natural world.

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